Risk Management

In carrying out its activities, the company has established risk management as a part of corporate governance framework. In that effort, the company evaluate the system and policy on a regular basis to anticipate the changes that occur both in industry and within the company.

Financial Risk

Financial risk may escalate in the event of problems related to the company's financial such as credit and liquidity issues.

Competition Risk

Basically, competition is good for the company. But in reality, there is often unfair competition, such as price wars and over-the-top marketing activities that will put pressure on the company and affect the market share

Macroeconomic Risk

The volatility of in-state financial condition such as the decrease of purchasing power may affect the company's main activity which will impact on profitability and growth

Regulatory Risk

Any changes to government regulations affecting the company, direct or indirect, such as fiscal policy

Natural Disaster Risk

Events such as natural disasters that damage the company's infrastructure and hamper the company's operational activities will result in losses suffered by the company.

Information Technology Risk

Due to the company's activity is linked closely to information technology, then in case of failure in the company's IT system will have a negative impact, ranging from bug error to the total shutdown of the company's activity.