About Us

PT HDI Tbk. established in 2013 by a group of talented entrepreneurs from the Founder’s Institute of Silicon Valley in California, United States. Equipped with an extensive experience in digital distribution, PT HDI Tbk. developed an online multi-biller payment system in 2014. With a great ambition to dominate consumer market, PT HDI Tbk. launched its first mobile payment app under the brand name DavestPay in December 2015. For a dedication in terms of customer service, PT HDI Tbk. was awarded "The Best Satisfaction to Customer of the Year" by the Indonesian Award in February 2016. In March 2016, PT HDI Tbk. joined the Asosiasi E-Commerce Indonesia (idEA). PT HDI Tbk. again won the award as "The Most Trusted Company of Financial Technology of the Year" organized by Indonesia Excellent Quality Award in May 2016. PT Hensel Davest Indonesia has also obtained a permit and is recognized by Bank Indonesia